Integration Solutions for e-Business

Actian Business Xchange (BX) is a Web-based data exchange service that enables companies to send and receive business documents and information electronically in a seamless, timely and secure manner regardless of their enterprise system. Actian Business Xchange takes your information, translates it to your trading partner's format, and delivers it accurately.

Actian Business Xchange enables you to cost-effectively conduct business with your trading partners (customers, suppliers, other divisions of your company). We automate manual processes and eliminate the mounds of paper you receive and send. Whether automating your purchasing or your selling processes, or both, Actian Business Xchange can be tailored to your specific business requirements.

Multi-System and File Format Compatibility

Exchange electronic information with business partners on anything from traditional VAN-based EDI and ASCII to Microsoft BizTalk and CXML as well as formats like SAP's IDOC and PIDX. Actian Business Xchange bridges the gap between different systems, formats, and protocols.

Because there's no software to install or rigid standards to adhere to, we expand your pool of electronic trading partners beyond those who can afford traditional integration solutions. Our affordability means that ALL of your trading partners, even small to mid-sized companies can exchange information electronically with you.

Select the Option that Fits Your Business

Depending on your preferred level of automation, use a Web-based form, upload files, or integrate directly with your back-office system to eliminate the need for re-keying or manual uploading of information.


From retail point-of-sale to multiple suppliers and multi-divisional corporations or even internal supply chains, we let you:

  • Connect with any trading partner electronically regardless of back office technology or trading format
  • Monitor account information, order status, invoice detail reports and purchase history records 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for you and your trading partners via Internet, intranet and wireless device
  • Validate transactions against business rules to reduce errors and rejects
  • Archive historical transactions for deeper analytics and trend analysis
  • Use the flexibility and skills of our experienced onboarding team to get you connected to your trading partners quickly - no need for you to learn complicated integration technologies
  • Reduce the cost, paper and manpower associated with processing multiple transaction types
  • Streamline "Order to Cash"/"Procure to Pay" process real-time feedback, monitoring and reporting capability for you and your trading partners.